Bushoke – Checho Ft. Alicios

Bushoke – Checho Ft. Alicios


Listen to Bushoke’s hit single “Checho” Ft. Alicios. Download Bushoke – Checho Ft. Alicios here:

Bushoke – Checho Ft. Alicios (57 downloads)


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More About Alicios the Kenyan based Congolese singer:

Despite the fact that this singer was born in DRC, Alicios’ own family moved to Kenya to get away the ravages of conflict.Her mom changed into also an artist in their domestic country however she abandoned her dreams to emerge as a business female in Kibera, Nairobi.

Alicios had the chance to journey to Sweden to in addition her research and she decided to similarly her tune ambitions as properly. She become capable to break into the Kenyan track scene with ‘Mpita Njia’ that is a collabo with Ugandan artist Julianna Kanyamozi. Her most current tune ‘Likolo’ with the institution P-UNIT has also been successful.

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