Lengwe – Akaba Nobe feat. B.O.C & Br Mukuka

Lengwe – Akaba Nobe feat. B.O.C & Br Mukuka


Listen to Lengwe’s hit single “Akaba Nobe”. Download Lengwe – Akaba Nobe feat. B.O.C & Br Mukuka here:

Lengwe - Akaba Nobe feat. B.O.C & Br Mukuka (8 downloads)


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Lengwe is a Zambian born and catholic raised musician who grew up in Ndola city. He started liking music whilst he became in high school in which he formed a group referred to as Mikate extended family. subsequent up become the PBI group. This saw him running with artists like Yumba, Sachi, Chiqo B and Swissh.

He later met typhoon, DJ Jam Wizard and founded Dream crew. Jam Wiz added them to a tune manufacturer referred to as from Iron-Horn studios and Tyme Lyne Entertainments (TLE).

They freeing their debut RnB album called ‘hurricane & Deep – Low’. The assignment featured tracks like ‘Unitaila Ntawi’, ‘Mwina Mwandi’ and ‘Shipikisha’. In 2005 he met Double TMK and that they recorded a track referred to as ‘Knock The residence Down’ presenting Skyscraper, Kritic and Magnum44.

In 2007 they dropped a mixtape undertaking beneath TLE which functions songs like ‘Nangubalande’, ‘Drowning’, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Nganalishebe’. In 2009 he went solo and launched a mixtape titled ‘Deep-Low’ (Doing it once more) proposing songs like ‘What We Do’, ‘RIP’, ‘Ifintu Nakwata’ and ‘VIP version’.

In 2010 he misplaced his niece Natasha (Jelly Tot) and featured on a song called ‘Ekondeya’ by way of the Blessed Brothers (Elisha Chikonde & Jethro Chikwanda). The song become produced by way of Artson from Xblusters studios in Itawa, Ndola.

In 2013 he ventured into gospel song and labored on his debut album called ‘Nangubalande’ released that same 12 months. The venture is a fusion of rap and pa factors. It featured artists which include Suna, Ruth (Kristal), B.O.C.,T.A, Stanislaus, Blessed Brothers, SiFe, Norbet, CIA, Kelvin (DMK) Br Mukuka and lots of others. It capabilities songs which includes ‘real Love’, ‘Godforbid’, ‘Chapters’, ‘Nanaka’, ‘Aladwila’, ‘Alempala’, ‘Bless The Lord’ and ‘What The Lord Has accomplished’.

In 2015 he released a 2nd album titled ‘Musha Malumbo‘. ‘Musha Malumbo’ capabilities Kelvin (DMK) and is about praising God.

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