Mo Flava – Just Dance ft. Kayvee & Busi N

Mo Flava – Just Dance ft. Kayvee & Busi N


Listen to Mo Flava’s hit single “Just Dance”. Download Mo Flava – Just Dance ft. Kayvee & Busi N here:

Mo Flava – Just Dance ft. Kayvee & Busi N (18 downloads)


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Born 2 July 1984 in Dube Soweto, Mo Flava launched into a media studies degree at Boston Media house, majoring in radio broadcasting and programming, in addition to journalism. He additionally has a degree in Media research.
Mo Flava has hosted each the breakfast and the afternoon power radio display on YFM for an accumulative 8 years.

Mo flava is signed up with Soul Candi statistics and launched a house music undertaking called Soul Candi periods featuring the likes of Cueber, Lulo Café, Harael Salkow and Tellaman, which bought gold reputation in a count number of weeks. The most trading music on the airwaves and also at the screens is one titled ‘Mfanomuntu’, in which he functions Coco Soul and Mzeezolyt.

He launched a song beneath the house Of Flava titled Ubusha Bakhu were he capabilities KayV and Mzeezolyt. The tune changed into play listed on over 30 radio stations.

He currently has two singles, ‘quite lady’ proposing Moon baby and the maximum modern one titled ‘just Dance’ proposing KayV and BusiN that’s play listed on over 28 radio stations.

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