Ommy Dimpoz – Ni Wewe

Ommy Dimpoz – Ni Wewe


You can listen to Ommy Dimpoz new single “Ni Wewe:. Download Ommy Dimpoz – Ni Wewe  below:

Ommy Dimpoz – Ni Wewe (142 downloads)

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Ommy Dimpoz called Omary Faraji Nyembo become born on 12 September 1987 in Tanzania. Ommy Dimpoz being one of the maximum a success artists in Tanzania.
His musical career started at an early age. at the age of ten, he commenced enjoyable human beings on weddings and parties. This was at the same time as he become nevertheless in primary college. He also entered several talent suggests, to grow his degree experience.
In 2005, on the age of 18, Ommy Dimpoz formed a collection known as ‘West VIP’ with four others. Later he joined any other band referred to as ‘pinnacle Band’. It changed into in 2011 while he decided to go solo. He met up with producer KGT and artist Ali Kiba to provide ‘Nai Nai’. This tune became his first number one hit and unfolded lots of doorways for him.

With the fulfillment of this unmarried, the budding Bongo Flava artist were given to perform numerous indicates throughout Tanzania and grew his fan base. Later, he dived lower back within the studio with manufacturer guy Water to file ‘Baadae’. This video has more than seven-hundred.000 views on YouTube.

2014 was a terrific 12 months for him. He launched numerous singles. ‘Ndagushima’ have become a large hit. The video was recorded in the united kingdom, showing that he is becoming an Intentional artist.

He has been realizing hit after hit since not disappointing his fans.

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