Petersen Zagaze – Fwenkula

Petersen Zagaze – Fwenkula


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Petersen Zagaze - Fwenkula (2668 downloads)


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Mukubesa Mundia (born September 28, 1982), higher recognized with the aid of his degree name Petersen Zagaze is a Zambian Reggae recording artist, document and producer from Lusaka, Zambia. He first of all received reputation after his first single in 2005 Munyaule. Petersen is also the leader government officer (CEO) of his personal label imprint, Zaga Lyfe Entertainnment and 2016 Kora Awards great Male Southern Africa Nominee.

Petersen’s music profession started off in 2002 as a songwriter. He recorded his first album in 2004 and now has five albums plus a number of hit singles.

In 2002 Petersen entered Zambian track as a music creator and backing vocalist for various artists in Zambia his first flavor was after writing ‘goodnight’ for a collection known as Ba crazy and he was then featured on of the tracks within the institution’s album which titled Goodnight.

In 2003 Petersen labored with Mondo music Corp.’s Bob Mabege on his album Mr proper and he additionally featured in Bob Mabege’s hit single poor completing

In 2004 he worked with 2 proud and wrote the song Nzabagwile. Petersen has written, composed and featured on Vobweleka bweleka and Ngayaposa Kukosa for Mwembe Muntu’s album,

In 2005 Petersen ventured for a solo career beginning together with his debut hit unmarried ‘Munyaule’ which featured popular Ozzy and later that year named his first album Munyaule.

In 2007 Petersen launched a new album with manufacturer Ben Blazer name Bobojani

In 2012 Petersen become running on his new album which turned into the tons anticipated album titled process thirteen – thirteen however turned into behind schedule to be released , however the further delays saw him liberating a 22-song compilation titled Stoga Compilation: Tiger Revolution, earlier than the album drops.

In 2015 Petersen produced his fourth album King Solomon and additionally functions Afunika, Flexville Marley and anonymous from Kenya.

Petersen’s response of politicians changed into not completely surprising. strain additionally got here from some church leaders that took incredible exception to Munyaule, a tune that out-rightly euphemised intercourse like no other musician has ever performed in Zambia.

Petersen used the visibility Munyaule had introduced him to spotlight several injustices he noticed in Zambian politics and the society it breeds.

Petersen did not spare the church with a background in the church, Zagaze recounts in his track Amakwebo Mu Church, the travesty that appear to have engulfed the Zambian church. In his tune Amakwebo Mu Church Petersen visits a church after a long term simplest to locate that the church has now come to be a marketplace area, promoting the entirety from homes, to motors, and music albums. He then requests, that “Messiah bwelelanso ukwapule nafuti … ama kwebo mu church yafula” which means that Messiah come again on this planet and come Whip again…. motive business activity has multiplied in the church. The message in Amakwebo Mu Church is quite suitable for the Zambian church, in particular the pentecostal church that seem to be experiencing a critical identity crisis.

Petersen’s prolific complaint to the politicians that had moved to ban his 2005 Munyaule. inside the task thirteen:thirteen tune Zagaze said that the parliamentarians had higher activities in parliament than debate his songs. Calling politicians as “ba mwankole sporting black fits”,(pied crows) he called out their hypocrisy about focused on his Munyaule songs once they themselves had clearly no morals. The equal politicians who have been pontificating approximately morals had been “corrupt thieves, selfish and wife batterers.”

In 2013, he featured in PilAto’s single entitled BUFI a exceedingly politically charged track that categorised the overdue President Michael Sata a ‘Father of Lies’. The song were given a poor feed returned from the supporters of the ruling birthday party

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