Pilato – Repent (Prod. By Quincy Wizzy)

Pilato – Repent (Prod. By Quincy Wizzy)


Listen to Pilato’s hit single “Repent”. Download Pilato – Repent here:

Pilato - Repent (Prod. By Quincy Wizzy) (62 downloads)


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Fumba Chama (born 6 April 1984), known professionally as Pilato, is a Zambian hip hop recording artist from Ndola. The name Pilato written as pilAto is an acronym for, human beings in Lyrical arena taking up. Born and raised inside the cooperbelt province, pilAto began his profession as a Poet on the early age of 10 before formally getting into the tune industry in 2010 and in 2010, poetry have become his song. Pilato has released 3 studio albums.

Chama Fumba in one in all Ndola’s sprawling townships and his upbringing was tough one of the cities poorest neighborhoods added him close to the pitfalls of poverty and the each day struggles of the hundreds.

At the age of 10 he already started indulging in poetry to maintain his thoughts off the pressures that had befallen him.

pilAto’s track is essentially huge-spectrum social statement with generous overtones of modern-day Hip Hop after beginning out as a poet Pilato is known as the voice of the unvoiced, he is acknowledged to be a applicable voice within the dispensation of Democracy in Zambia.pilAto has managed to join artwork and song on the political image in Zambia nowadays.

In 2010 Pilato won the Ngoma Award as Zambia’s pleasant Poet. He changed into later nominated for quality song Video on the Born & Bred Awards in 2011.

In between the yr 2010 and 2011 he had launched a tune sarcastically referring to a few non-acting Zambian MP’s as “mental sufferers”.

In 2013, he recorded a single entitled “Bufi” presenting Petersen, a surprisingly politically charged song that labeled the late President Michael Sata a “Father of Lies”. The tune were given a terrible feed back as the supporters of the ruling celebration have been up in arms and he claims he obtained severa death threats over the tune. In 2015 Pilato showed his help for competition chief Hakainde Hichilema and put up ordinary performances at his rally’s country wide. His help for Mr Hichilema did not clinch him country residence; the PF gained the election in what turned into one of the tightest election victories ever recorded on the grounds that Zambia reverted to plural politics. 6 months later he recorded a tune of Nashil Pischen Kazembe’s Seventies hit “Aphiri Anabwela” but he modified the lyrics to “Alungu Anbwela”.Unapologetic, the musician changed into bundled up and slapped with costs of behavior in all likelihood to breach peace . His case drew significant media insurance even past Zambian borders.given that then, Pilato has heavily criticized the ruling Patriotic the front government for their loss of admire for human rights in his united states of america most appreciably in overdue 2018 when a fourth yr university of Zambia clinical scholar became killed in her dorm room by means of careless law enforcement officials once they fired teargas canisters through her window.

Pilato on report changed into arrested once in his profession over his songs that were considered as behavior probably to breach peace.

In 2013 rumours got here out to say that pilAto turned into arrested over the music “Bufi”. in the track Pilato and Petersen sing about damaged promises like reasonably-priced gas, construction of roads and activity possibilities for young people. They used phrases like Boza, Bufi, Ulabeja, Wenye which all suggest the identical aspect: lies. however these kind of reviews in which brushed off through the Lusaka Police chief Joyce Kasosa that Pilato has been detained over his modern-day tune titled Bufi. The police Chef said the police department have now not recorded any such incident and that Pilato continues to be a unfastened citizen. Pilato also then showed pronouncing he had not been to any police station.

In June 2015 Pilato become arrested over a music remix of the legendary Nashil Pischen Kazembe’s Aphiri Anabwela however offering Pilato’s lyrics which name President Lungu”a under the influence of alcohol,” among numerous other insults. After he were given out jail Pilato stated he can not defame the head of country together with his tune and that he turned into just merely bringing out his message.

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