Reggie Reggie – Easy (Remix) ft. Lino Beezy

Reggie Reggie – Easy (Remix) ft. Lino Beezy


You can listen to Reggie Reggie latest single titled ” Easy” Download Reggie Reggie – Easy (Remix) ft. Lino Beezy below:

Reggie Reggie – Easy (Remix) ft. Lino Beezy (23 downloads)

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REGGIE” is a song manufacturer, singer, songwriter and a studies fellow. Born in Berlin Germany inside the eighty″s, he’s known to be multi-talented and a evidently inspired gentle guy. With a natural root from the eastern a part of Nigeria, he came again as a youngster to revel in “the African cultural lifestyles”. the feel become very inspiring and changed into the again bone that formed his Sound and song ideologies.I He has a robust, dynamic and precise personality/philosophy, self motivated person who in the end is turning into a renowned, legit logo, and a decision maker in international and amusement affairs.
These aforementioned goals and philosophies have made him work so hard to have accomplished incredible feats in both the enjoyment and architecture international. he is recognized for his unique beat, audio/sound production that is a fusion of Afro drum Beats, live instrumentals and electronic Synths),” thru his production, Reggie is seen as gun powder waiting to explode the entertainment area definitely as his music tries to unite, rework and encourage people from all components of the world. It’s with the aid of this imaginative and prescient of uniting African track that has inspired him to function the Ghanaian fast-growing brand Lino Beezy on his clean songs.enjoy

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