Roberto – Beautiful

Roberto – Beautiful


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Roberto - Beautiful (206 downloads)


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Uber Roberto is a Zambian singer, songwriter and manufacturer. He comes from a circle of relatives whose heritage is rich in song. He entered the tune scene as a rapper and later have become a singer after being stimulated through Usher’s hit music ‘My manner’. His experience as a musician brought on while he stayed in South Africa for a time period. even as in South Africa, he wrote songs for and labored with famous South African artists such as boom Shaka, Thebe and Buso, just to name a few.

The enjoy propelled his self assurance and career to the following degree and led him to sign up for forces with Explosive who at the time had ordinary features on Channel ‘O’. This gave him the opportunity to write and produce his first song titled ‘Chest to Chest’ which paved him the way to the African song scene.

On his go back to Zambia, he released his debut self-titled album in his local tongue. The album featured hits including ‘Operator’, ‘Mtima Wako’, ‘Inkama Shandi’ and ‘Ulimbe’ proposing Ozzy.

Later in 2008, he launched his sophomore album titled ‘Akasuba’. The album had shown new light to the Zambian RnB music scene with songs like ‘Don’t Say You Do’, ‘those phrases’, ‘Nikutasha’, ‘shop Our Love’, ‘Bengi’ and 2009 award winning music of the 12 months ‘Akasuba’ titled after the album.

In 2010, he collaborated with Ugandan artist Toniks and collectively they fashioned a set known as UZ47. for the reason that joint mission, UZ47 has because been expected as one of the best duos to emerge out of Africa. With songs like ‘Swag Meter’ and ‘Be With You’, they have set a new popular for the African music industry and are most effective just getting warmed up. In July 2012, he released his 0.33 and global crossover album titled ‘My name Is’. On thirteen February 2012, he launched his first single taken from his ‘Osanisiya So’ album. ‘Osanisiya So’ is a funky edgy forbidden-love song sung in English with a dash of Nyanja (Zambian language). With this single, he offers listeners a exclusive flavor to Afro-RnB.

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