Rolay Bondo – “Kriminalz”

Rolay Bondo – “Kriminalz”


Have a listen to Rolay Bondo’s new single  “Kriminalz”. Download Rolay Bondo – “Kriminalz” below:

Rolay Bondo – “Kriminalz” (22 downloads)

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As the Nigerian general elections go up, Judah recreation signee, Rolay Bondo shares her 2 cents on this economic and political state of the country in her new single titled “Kriminalz“.

Employing the employment of her lyrical mastery, Rolay voices the mind of the typical Nigerian man on Kriminalz as she touches on problems plaguing the state likecorruption, poor leadership and additional. Listen!
In the rapper’s words, “We are too silent, it’s time we tend to decision a spade what it’s and demand permanently governance, education, health and additional opportunities for the common person.”

Kriminalz is in the midst of a visible masterpiece shot by budding photographer, Director K.

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