Shenky – Angelina ft. Abizzy

Shenky – Angelina ft. Abizzy


Listen to Shenky’s latest single “Angelina” ft. Abizzy. Download Shenky – Angelina ft. Abizzy here:

Shenky - Angelina ft. Abizzy (405 downloads)


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Shenky Shugah actual name is Martin Kapesha, he become Born on the 9th of Sep 1988. he is a Zambian
recording artist, Songwriter, song manufacturer and performer. His destroy thru single became ‘Nalikutemwa”.

Shenky Shugah started out his musical career on the age of 14,making a song in a college choir. It wasn’t until 2007 that He started out recording,then afterward started out producing in 2008. by 2009 he went to Kitwe”Kopala” wherein he recorded his second music ‘Nalikutemwa” which ended up making him famous throughout Copperbelt.

In 2013 Shenky Shugah formed his personal label ‘Tinnah touch manufacturing’ beneath reputation statistics with Paul Kanyanga aka. Papa
Love P. in which he produced and worked with almost all the zambian pinnacle artists such as Jk, Afunika, Macky 2, Chef 187, Pjay, Pilato, Petersen,King Dandy krazy,Oc and so forth.

His greatest works (Songs) consist of *Kontamako *excellent gelo *My local *Ukalenjibukisha *Apotepo* Tebanobe*Dj you’re accountable*Katemba chupo*Ichiselema *you’re beautiful* My Love….and many others that have all collectively earned him opportunities to perform outside Zambia.

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