Topwav – “Shoutout”

Topwav – “Shoutout”


Listen to TopWav’s new single “Shoutout”. Download Topwav – “Shoutout”  below:

Topwav – “Shoutout” (42 downloads)

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Topwav is a recording artiste and manufacturer that sees all his information as ‘music Piece’. His Rap fashion conversational with an ear grappling cadence and substance that serves as meals for soul/idea with out leaning at the aware angel, consequently the conversation. Topwav’s manufacturing fashion is higher explained as a smooth combination of urbantrack as inspired through Timbaland (full of rhythmic percussion and catchy melodies) and at the start Afro-beat by way ofFela Kuti (blend of West African highexistence song and the usa Jazz song) sprinkled with eclectic sound from diverse style.

“Shout-out” by way of Topwav really is an experience you look forward to and we are hoping you revel in listening as we enjoyed creating.

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