Harmonize – Kwa Ngwaru ft. Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize – Kwa Ngwaru ft. Diamond Platnumz


Listen to Tanzanian Harmonize’s hit single “Kwa Ngwaru” ft. Diamond Platnumz. Download Harmonize – Kwa Ngwaru ft. Diamond Platnumz  here:

Harmonize - Kwa Ngwaru ft. Diamond Platnumz (1963 downloads)


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Latest news on Harmonize’s music and biography:

Harmonize born Rajab Abdul, is a Tanzania recording artist, tune writer and performer. He turned into born on 3 October 1991 in Mtwara, Tanzania. He rose to fame after liberating his hit song Ayiola which topped charts.

He moved to Dar es Salaam in 2009 after completing his secondary training at Mkundi secondary faculty in Mtwara. He labored as a avenue hawker at Kariakoo promoting small merchandise and tea to different businessman, previous to starting tune.

He was signed by WCB (Wasafi traditional infant) Wasafi report Label. He became nominated at the AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees.

He started his music career in 2011. He recorded numerous songs but the songs did not hit. In 2015, he met Diamond Platnumz and this marked his new sunrise.

The two (Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize) at the moment are inseparable. Diamond Platnumz relocated him to South Africa in which he at times lives with Zari. He were given a everlasting tattoo of Diamond Platnumz on his hand.

He says that the tattoo cannot be in comparison to what Diamond Platnumz has finished for him. All he has became and owns is all because of Diamond’s assist and this is why he were given a everlasting tattoo of Diamond Platnumz to remind him of his kindness. His music “bado” providing Diamomd changed into a fantastic hit. He changed into born on three October 1991 in Mtwara, Tanzania. he is 26 years vintage as of 2018.

His current lover has been identified as Sarah, an Italian. He first dumped his long term female friend, Jacqueline Wolper, a Bongo movie actress, for this Italian sublime. It become barely two weeks after the break up that he delivered this female, whom he said was pregnant. What enthusiasts concluded, changed into that he was dishonest on Jacqueline Wolper.

simply three weeks down the road, the singer and his new lady friend, Sarah, went in advance to share with fans an Ultrasound showing that Sarah turned into closely pregnant.

analyzing like a script off a Spanish telenovela, bongo artist Harmonize is a scorned guy after reviews of his Italian girlfriend allegedly dishonest on him retain to make headlines in his home us of a, Tanzania.

phrase on the street is Sarah has allegedly been snoozing with Diamond Platinumz’s well-constructed bodyguard, Mwarabu Fighter.

Smitten by way of his current seize but not able to confront the frame builder the ‘Kwangwaru’ hit maker revealed that had it been his friend Mbosso who had laid his hands on his girl, he would have dealt with him well unlike the buffed bodyguard.

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