Simmy – Ubala ft. Sun-EL Musician

Simmy – Ubala ft. Sun-EL Musician


Listen to Simmy’s hit single “Ubala” ft. Sun-EL Musician. Download Simmy – Ubala ft. Sun-EL Musician here:

Simmy - Ubala ft. Sun-EL Musician (156 downloads)


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Latest news on Simmy’s music and biography:

South African Neo-soul / Neo-folks tune artist Simmy has carved out a exceptional position in the track industry. She’s one of the united states’s future largest stars. She has no longer simplest completed to heaps of fanatics, she additionally writes and co-produces some of her personal material.

Simmy started out writing music in number one college and composed the songs with her friends who had been additionally her fellow faculty choir friends on the time, she recollects. “I on occasion didn’t even understand the intensity of the words i was placing down on paper, I just desired to write, compose my own music and sing” she adds. That’s when she idea to herself maybe she certainly belongs on stage.

Simmy couldn’t have come on the scene at a higher time. As a new technology takes the reins, African roots music is wanted more than ever to remind us of the however at the equal time colourful & nostalgic pathways of our very own history. Her tough-hitting songs contact on present day troubles and greater personal narratives speaking to lifestyles and love in the digital age.

Having grown up in a musical household, her songs on her EP u-Bala are stimulated with the aid of the legendary sounds of Dolly Parton, Platform One, Brenda Fassie, Soul Brothers and Izingane zo-Ma to name a few. Her sound is fueled with the aid of her rich low beautiful vocals & influential instrumentation. “Being born & raised in e-Msinga however at the same time witnessing various street cultures through television, radio and urban neighboring areas has shaped the way I approach my music, and has nurtured me as someone in addition to my craft. I’ve determined matters i’d by no means have if I hadn’t had any of these reports. it has been a adventure each outwards and inwards.” the younger songstress adds.

she started becoming a house keep name after working with multi award triumphing artist sun El Musician on his album Africa to the arena , on songs together with sonini and Ntabezikude

She released her own album as nicely in 2018 titled Tugela Fairy feat songs like Ubala , Umahlalela and Ngiyesaba

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